PM Live

January 31, 2017

Las Vegas, NV

siegenthaler8:30 am - 12:00pm - Room N234 

Common Errors in Hydronic System Design & Installation

John Siegenthaler
Appropriate Designs

This session surveys a wide range of errors that occur in residential and light commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems. It will present each error, explain why it’s incorrect, and show you one or more methods for avoiding or correcting that error. This approach of showing what not to do has proven to be popular and effective learning experience. If you’ve designed or installed hydronic systems that didn’t perform as expected, this session will likely show you what lies at the heart of the problem. It’s OK to make errors. It’s not OK to repeat them. Come to PM Live this January to learn how to get it right the first time.


wohlfarth big1:00 pm - 4:30 pm - Room N234

Brewing with Steam

Ray Wohlfarth
of Fire & Ice Heating & Cooling

Craft beer brewers are opening at a rate of one per day and most use a steam boiler in the process. A properly designed and installed steam system can be the difference between a good beer and a ruined batch. This seminar will discuss design, installation, and maintenance of steam boilers for the brewing and distilling process. It will cover some of the following:

Common mistakes made with brewery steam boilers.

How a steam system for a brewery differs from one for space heating.

What is the proper steam pressure setting?

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